When it comes to hands-on mediation services, you can always turn to the Elna B. Spaulding Conflict Resolution Center for guidance and support. Mediation helps people reach agreements, rebuild relationships, and find permanent solutions to their disputes. It is a confidential, structured conflict resolution process where disputing parties meet with a trained, impartial mediator to talk about their concerns, listen to each other and develop workable solutions.

What is mediation?

Advantages of Mediation

  • Parties get to decide how to address the conflict. While the mediator is the facilitator of the process, the parties decide on solutions and develop their agreement.
  • Mediation is designed to focus on the needs and interests of the disputing parties and examines the underlying causes of the problem. The parties explore solutions that best satisfy their needs and interests.
  • Mediation looks at how the parties can resolve the problem collaboratively and reach a win-win solution. When there is no loser, the parties can look forward to maintaining a relationship if they so desire.
  • Mediation is designed to explore the feelings of each party. Each person is encouraged to tell their story and how the matter has affected them personally.
  • Mediation has a high satisfaction rate among parties that have used the process to resolve issues. When individuals develop their own solutions, they are more likely to abide by the guidelines of that agreement.

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