Partners for Peace

Since 2015 CRC has hosted the Partners for Peace, our annual fundraising and award ceremony event. During this event CRC has presented members of the community with The Elna B. Spaulding Founder’s Award.

The Elna B. Spaulding Founder’s Award recognizes and honors individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the City of Durham. Recipients of this award are honored for their advocacy on behalf of others, for their efforts that have brought significant change or have produced models for change in their communities, for their assistance in alleviating the conditions of the less fortunate, and for their activities resulting in improved human relations.

Proceeds from this event help us to expand our outreach and to continue fulfilling our mission.

Past Honorees

1991 Reverend Haywood D. Holderness, Jr.

1992 Josephine Dobbs Clement

1993 William V. Bells

1994 Margaret Q. Keller

1995 Russell E. Blunt

1996 Rabbi John S. Friedman

1997 Judge Carolyn D. Johnson

1998 Unknown

2015 Judge Marcia H. Morey

2016 Professor Irving L. Joyner

2017 Robert A. Beason

2018 Scott Holmes

2019 Reverend Mel Williams

2020 Gilda P. Womble

2022 Anita S. Earls

Social Worker Recognition

In 2020, CRC incorporated a second recognition, the Social Worker’s Recognition. It was created in appreciation of the support and dedication provided from school social workers to our truancy intervention program former Truancy Court Program now School Attendance Mediation Program.

This award is provided during the Partners for Peace event.

Past Honorees

2020 Amy L’Esperance

2022 Angelia Barnes